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The Jonas Truck Driving Air Brake Course is designed to help participants gain the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills needed to obtain an air brake endorsement from the Alberta Government. The course covers a range of topics related to air brakes, such as operation, inspection, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Participants will gain an understanding of the components of an air brake system, as well as how they operate and interact. Participants will also gain an understanding of applicable laws and regulations related to air brakes, and learn how to inspect and troubleshoot air brake systems. The course also covers proper brake application, control, and operation of air brake. Upon completion of the course, participants should have the knowledge and skills needed to obtain an air brake endorsement from the Alberta Government.

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Air Brake Course

Our Calgary air brake course is designed such that when you complete you will have the confidence to pass the written test. We have highly experienced instructors who will train in the most efficient way possible.

The Alberta Government requires the operator of any vehicle equipped with air brakes to have an air brake “Q” endorsement on his or her driver’s license. This includes commercial vehicles as well as recreational vehicles. To obtain an air brake endorsement, you must first complete an air brake training course.

Jonas Truck Driving Air Brake Course is designed to provide the participant with theoretical and practical training required for the air brake endorsement. Individuals successfully completing this course are required to do the written portion of this course at any Alberta Registry Agency entitling them to have the “Q” endorsement applied to their Alberta Drivers License.

Our courses include a two-hour practical portion done outside in our training yard on tractor-trailer units.

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