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One of the most basic things we all need to learn when first learning to drive is parking. Many of us will not pass the parking test the first time, and that is why it is important to put in the time and practice, practice, and practice some more. The question then becomes, where do you practice? You just can't put up a couple of poles in a couple of pails and set up on a street to practice. That is why in today's day and age you learn how to park as part of a course with a reputable driving school. Not all driving schools are the same, so doing a lot of research is very important. Check out Jonas Driving School, we would be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Winter Driving Course - Be confident for Winter Driving

Some students prefer to have driving classes during winter so that they can strengthen their winter driving skills.

  • Jonas Driving School offers a winter driving course, which includes: In-car instruction driving lessons which include steering control, braking, and accelerating tips.
  • Winter Driving safety tips include emergency movements in snow, skid recovery, parking on hills, and more.

Need More Driving Skills?

Jonas Driving School can also help you update all your driving skills. It takes a lot of practice to learn new driving skills.

With our expertise, you can learn to perfect your driving skills. We provide special classes for all your driving needs.

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Jonas Driving School also provides Brush up Courses. These courses are designed for those new/old drivers who want to brush up their driving or improve their driving skills.

We can customize your course to suit your specific needs.