Jonas Driving School Courses, Calgary, AB

Welcome to Jonas Driving School, your one-stop solution for comprehensive driving training courses in Calgary, Alberta. Our expert instructors and user-friendly driving curriculum make us a preferred choice for aspiring drivers. Here, we offer a variety of classes, including the Class 1 MELT Program, Experience and Equivalency Class 1 MELT, Class 3 Truck Driving, Air Brake Course, Class 4, Class 5 Training, and Insurance Reduction Course, as well as Brush Up courses. Let's explore what each course offers:


this course is meticulously designed to equip you with the essential skills for operating a class 1 vehicle – a tractor-trailer. it complies with alberta's mandatory entry-level training (melt) regulations, focusing on developing a practical understanding of road safety measures. you'll learn about coupling and uncoupling, vehicle inspections, and managing different road conditions.


Experience and equivalency class 1 melt

 Already have some experience with Class 1 vehicles? Our Experience and Equivalency MELT 1 is perfect for you. This course offers a fast-tracked path to gaining Class 1 certification. With an emphasis on reinforcing practical skills, we tailor this course to your experience level, ensuring a smooth transition into professional driving.


Class 3 Truck Driving

 Designed for aspiring heavy truck drivers, our Class 3 truck driving course emphasizes practical training. Here, you'll master the skills to operate trucks with more than two axles, such as dump trucks and tow trucks. You'll also learn pre-trip vehicle inspection, load security, and safe operation on both urban and rural roads.


Class 4

This course is tailored for drivers intending to operate taxis, ambulances, or small buses with a maximum of 24 passengers. The curriculum is a blend of practical driving sessions and theory, focusing on passenger transport and emergency vehicle operation specifics.


Class 5 Training and Insurance Reduction Course

Aimed at new drivers seeking a Class 5 licence or experienced drivers looking to lower their insurance premiums, this course combines in-class theory and on-road practice. It covers all fundamental driving skills, with an emphasis on defensive driving techniques and risk awareness to ensure safe driving habits.



Air Brake Course

 Essential for any driver of vehicles equipped with air brakes, our Air Brake Course covers all theoretical and practical aspects of using and maintaining air brake systems. By the end of the course, you'll understand air brake components, proper usage, adjustment, and troubleshooting.


Brush Up Course

Need a quick refresher? Our Brush Up Course is perfect for drivers needing to re-familiarize themselves with driving rules and best practices. It can help you to regain your confidence on the road, update your knowledge of current traffic laws, or prepare for a road test.


At Jonas Driving School, we believe in fostering a learning environment that ensures every student becomes a safe, confident, and responsible driver. Our professionally trained and friendly instructors go the extra mile to deliver an engaging learning experience, making us the top driving instructors in Calgary, AB.


Ready to kick-start your driving journey? Contact Jonas Driving School TODAY AND let us pave the way to your driving success.